"I guess you fell asleep, baby I love you so much and I just really needed you to know that. I know you don’t want to say it because you probably don’t feel it yet but I know you do, I know you love me and that scares you. But just know that you are all that I want and need to be happy in this world."

-My unsent text to my boyfriend.

He knew why he wanted to kiss her. Because she was beautiful. And before that, because she was kind. And before that, because she was smart and funny. Because she was exactly the right kind of smart and funny. Because he could imagine taking a long trip with her without ever getting bored. Because whenever he saw something new and interesting, or new and ridiculous, he always wondered what she’d have to say about it—how many stars she’d give it and why.
Rainbow Rowell, Attachments (via petrichour)